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At Swative, we do not store any user data! You can read more on our TOS!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How is this service free?

    Our custom made server catches all of the URLs and sends data to a webpage, which you are greeted with, with all the correct data that the user inputed! This means you don't need to have an account, nor will it cost for anyone to operate your custom URL!

  • How come Chrome won't redirect automatically? (Android)

    This is a bug with Chrome 40+, and it has, unfortunately, been marked as 'Wont-fix' on their developer page. So Chrome users on Android, will have to click the button

  • How can I contact support?

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact us at [email protected]

  • Do you store any user data?

    No! We do not store user data at all, we have 0 databases that stores anyones data!

  • Who is the creator of this app? (About this app)

    The developer, and owner of Swative, is Cody Miller, or his online persona, DEVLOOSKIE. He created this app so that when people on Snapchat swipe up to go like something on instagram, it takes you to the actual app, instead of the web browser. Theres no point into not using Swative, its a win win, its free, and it will increase user interaction from users not having to get out of Snapchat, to Instagram, type your name in, etc.

  • Why do I have to verify to go to a linkedin profile?

    Well, to verify you're not a robot, and also we do not have control over it unfortunately.

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